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Canine Influenza Update!

When I started Mutt Madd-ness Dog Rescue in April 2009 it was my goal to ultimately have a facility where I could house and nurture my rescue pups. I quickly discovered the reality of nonprofits, especially small ones, that it is extremely difficult to raise funds. We all have "real jobs" along with our nonprofit work and there is never enough time in a day, week, month or year to rescue, nurture, market, fundraise and adopt - it takes a village and then some.

In early 2011 I started discussing alternatives to growing the rescue and came up with the idea of building a business around my love and compassion for dogs. Why not provide my adoption families and the community I live in with a full service dog spot? After all, I was already directing them to boarding and daycare facilities, trainers, advising on products and services...why not be all of that for them? I now believe Haven was already blossoming.

Over the years I have used many services for my personal and rescue dogs, that is why in developing Haven I thought long and hard about the environment I wanted to create. It needed to be someplace that I felt immediately comfortable in. Playful, intimate...a haven where all things discovered were through your dog's eyes. To that end, I have canvassed products, materials, design, ventilation, sanitation, lighting, bedding and people to make your dog's experience the most familiar, calming,
safe and will be as close to home as we can make it!

We are passionate about dogs and would love to get to know yours. We invite you to give them a place to hang out during the day, spend the night, be trained, bathed and groomed and get all of their at home needs. For our rescue pups that we already know and love, let's get reacquainted!

We look forward to welcoming all breeds, all sizes, and all of you to Haven, The Dog Spot!
Barbara McRee, Owner











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Haven is happy to provide references upon request.





Monday through Friday

7:00am to 7:00pm


11:00am to 5:00pm


12:00pm to 4:00pm

On the following holidays we close our retail and day play or offer abbreviated hours so that more of our staff can enjoy the day with their families.

While boarding with us, your dogs will still receive extraordinary care; we make sure your pups are enjoying their holiday stay! Playtime is limited on these days and more focus is placed on one-on-one attention. We cannot accommodate pick-ups and drop-offs on the holidays noted below.

Memorial Day

Open for Boarding Only.

July 4th

Open for Boarding Only.

Labor Day

Open for Boarding Only.


Open for Boarding Only.

Christmas Eve

To 2:00pm


Open for Boarding Only.

New Year's Eve

To 2:00pm

New Year's Day

Open for Boarding Only.




dog Day-Play (dog dayCare)

Full Day

$25 | $20 each additional family member

Half-Day (up to 6 hours)


Play Passports


10 Days - Full Day

$225 | $180 each additional family member

30 Days - Full Day

$625 | $528 each additional family member



Day-Play is limited in numbers, therefore clients are strongly encouraged to make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.

Dogs not picked up by closing time will be considered overnight guests and charged the standard boarding rate for that evening.

Day-Play fees are based on a single visit or pre-paid passport plans. Passports have no expiration. All passport plan sales are final.

We are flexible in creating unique Play Passports; please feel free to discuss any special needs with our Canine Concierge. 

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Dog Boarding


7 Nights or Less

$44 / $32 each additional family member*

8 Nights or More

$40 / $30 each additional family member*

 * Dog boarding sharing same suite.

Check-in time
is anytime during regular hours. No check-in on Holidays noted above.  

Check-out time is 2 P.M. (or earlier), this is done in order to allow den-keeping ample time to properly sanitize and prepare each den for its’ next guest that afternoon. Dogs not picked up by the requested time will require additional care and will be placed in day play and charged the half-day $18 fee. No check-out on Holidays noted above.  

Pets not picked up prior to closing time will be considered overnight guests and
be charged an additional night’s boarding stay.

For security purposes, proper photo identification may be required to release any pet.

Due to security and accuracy considerations, we regret we cannot accommodate check-ins or check-outs during non-business hours.

There may be minimum night requirements on certain holiday boarding.

Note: When booking, please let us know if you want your companion bathed or groomed the day of pick up.

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DOG Training

Call for information 770-672-7343

Haven is happy to discuss behavior and obedience concerns; we can offer recommendations that will allow you to move forward in structuring the lifestyle you seek for you and your dog.

dog Grooming

Call to book an appointment 770-672-7343 and for pricing

Prior to a grooming visit, you must complete a Registration Form and provide us with up-to-date vaccination records. We require all dogs left with us for grooming services show proof of the following current vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella.


The Details




As a courtesy, we request 48-hour notification for cancellation of Boarding, Day Play, Grooming, and Training services, so that we may reschedule without charging for missed appointments. Note: Holiday bookings require a 14-day cancellation notification. This will allow time to notify client's on Haven's boarding waitlist.

Failure to cancel will incur the following fees. The applicable fee will be charged to your on-file credit card.


An amount equal to one night's stay.

Holiday Boarding:

An amount equal to three night's stay.




Payment for all accommodations and services reserved will be paid at check-out. Haven accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard, Haven Gift Cards, and personal checks.


Thank you for your trust in allowing us to care for your pet, a member of your family and of ours.



Haven is East Cobb's go to Dog Spot for all things dog!

We are very proud of our Dog Spot and love to show it off. You are welcome to stop by anytime or
contact us if you would like to schedule a behind-the-scenes tour.


DOG BOARDING | Overnight Care | A sample "Day in the Life"
Going out of town for business or pleasure; or just needing an evening free for entertaining without worrying about the pup? Haven is your "Go to Spot"!

Our overnight care is complete. Our pup guests enjoy a bright, yet cozy climate-controlled den with a comfortable bed, feeding dish and water bowl. To keep the pups entertained we provide toys and treats and by day's end they are well exercised and ready for a good night's sleep.

Overnight dogs enjoy a similar schedule as a dog here for the day. In the morning your dog enjoys a potty break, has breakfast and gets some individual playtime before the other day play dogs arrive. The rest of the day they are enjoying a day of play, rest, mental stimulation and one-on-one time. In the evening, after all have gone, they are provided an end-of-day potty break, they are then tucked in to their comfy bed with a fresh drink of water and to soothing classical music developed specifically for a dog's ears. We try to simulate a normal day in the life for dogs in our boarding area including day-to-night lighting.

We know that there is no place like home, but we try to take special care to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible. For dogs staying for an extended period of time, dogs that are new to boarding, or any dogs that just need that extra touch, we have lots of ways to make them feel comfortable during their stay. There is no extra charge for these hands-on activities because we think it is all part of keeping your dog happy and comfortable.

We ask that you supply your pup's regular food in order to avoid unnecessary tummy upsets and to help make your dog more comfortable while away from home. You are also welcome to send along some personal items from home; although, we ask that you do not bring any bulky and/or breakable items. Unless otherwise noted, we feed our adult dogs twice a day, in the morning and evening. Puppies are provided with an additional mid-day meal. We have a full kitchen and can easily accommodate any feeding requirements at no extra charge.

If your dog receives medications and/or supplements, please bring those items with detailed instructions for administering. Administering medications and supplements are included in the cost of care.


Dog Boarding Rates.



DAY-PLAY | Dog Daycare | A sample "Day in the Life"

Day-Play (Dog Daycare) is much more than just having a place to put your pet while you are away at work. It is a place where your best friends can enjoy themselves with other little pals. At Haven we will also take the time to teach your pets. We don't just observe, we will also encourage the correct behaviors.

Why Doggie Day Play?

  • Enhances their quality of life

  • Provides supervised playtime with other dogs their same size or age

  • Helps with socialization with other dogs and people

  • Keeps new puppies out of trouble and helps with potty training

  • Keeps them active, thus helping them stay fit and healthy

  • Tires them out for more peaceful at home time

  • Gives you peace of mind knowing they are not home alone and bored

  • Helps shy dogs come out of their shells and become more confident

  • Keeps them occupied when visitors are over or house cleaners are coming

  • Helps with separation anxiety

  • The main reason for doggie day play is it's...

Our lives are so busy, we sometimes just don't have the time to give our pup the play and stimulation they need. Dogs are pack animals – they need exercise and socialization. Haven's  supervised climate-controlled "indoor dog park" is the best place for them to be during the day while you're busy at work or running errands. All of our day play dogs have access to fresh air in our controlled outdoor environment. They can run and play on the artificial turf and during the summer they can wade into one of our super cool pools. Our friendly and caring professionals will see that your best friend gets all the attention and exercise needed in a dog-friendly and safe setting. We also have an onsite doggie treadmill for those that may be a little overweight and could use some walking time, those that are high energy and need to run like the wind, or those that just enjoy a little change of pace.

At the end of an exhausting day, you'll head home with a happy and well-exercised pal.

Day-Play is a cage-free service designed for social dogs to play and have fun. Safety is our primary goal. Haven requires a Trial/Temperament Day (dogs over 5 months of age) prior to first Day-Play Day and Boarding Stay (if wanting group play). This is done by appointment only. Drop off by 10:00am, 5 hour minimum visit. Boarding dogs can be evaluated on their first overnight day.


Dog Day Play Rates.

A note about dog play: When dogs play they use their paws and mouths and it often mimics fighting or wrestling. In rare instances play can go too far and a dog may get bitten or scratched. Think of it like the playground, occasionally, kids who play hard end up with a cut, bump or bruise. Rest assured our trained staff takes the safety of the dogs in our care very seriously and takes all precautions to avoid any occurrence of injury.

We are constantly evaluating your dog’s overall well-being while in our care. In the event your dog is injured or becomes ill while at Haven they will be treated onsite immediately, and if necessary, will be transported to your preferred vet or one of our local veterinarians. Our staff is trained in Pet First Aid and we have a fully stocked Dog First Aid Kit on hand. We will always err on the side of caution when it comes to the well being of our guests. If we feel veterinary care is appropriate, we will always attempt to contact you first. However, we will not delay the transportation to a veterinarian if we feel care is urgently needed. We have four veterinary services we work directly with and all are less than 4 miles from our facility.




Haven is happy to discuss behavior and obedience concerns; we can offer recommendations that will allow you to move forward in structuring the lifestyle you seek for you and your dog.

Rachael Barbee,
Guest Trainer

Rachael has spent her entire life around animals. As a child her parents took in every dog that was dropped at their ranch. If the dog had a behavior problem they would work with the dog using positive reinforcement until he became a well adjusted pet. Rachael's desire is to help every dog stay with their family -- forever.

Rachael's training program teaches you and your dog how to relate to each other. Your dog will develop a respect and trust for each family member and all of you will develop the same with
your dog.

She will provide solutions to many of the issues you face.




A healthy pet is a happy pet and we all know that "cleanliness is next to dog-liness."

Haven offers complete dog grooming services provided by highly skilled professionals. Whether you seek a simple and functional trim, a highly technical trim, or a breed-specific style we can accommodate you. A low stress, safe and sanitary environment is top priority and grooming products used are all natural.

Your pups Re:Treat begins with a wonderful warm bath utilizing a cleansing and renewing shampoo. One of our rich shampoos actively cleanses your pet’s skin while removing deep-down dirt and dander. In this calming environment, your pup's back and head are gently massaged to soothe away their everyday stress from digging, jogging and jumping. The Haven Bath includes a nail clipping and filing to smooth away any rough edges and an ear cleansing.

We treat all of our dogs like they are show dogs. The end results of a Haven transformation is that your pup looks and feels healthy and smells beautiful.

All dog grooming services are available by daily appointment, or can be scheduled with overnight
boarding accommodations.


RETAIL | All Things Dog

When it comes to what we purchase for you, we have made a conscious decision to look for the best treats at the best value. We have chosen to stock items that we would not hesitate to purchase for our own dogs. 

When it comes to food, we know there are thousands of choices. We have selected Precise  because we like the wholesome, natural and nutritious benefits they provide
to your dog.

See in-store photography and paintings from two of our favorite local artists: Leesia Teh, whose pet photography will charm's fun, fuzzy & fabulous; and artist Mitzi Rothman whose paintings will not only capture your pet, but your heart.

Haven the Dog Spot Gift Certificates make a wonderful and easy go-to-gift for all of your dog lovers! Available in any amount and they can be used for any product or service.




Everything we do is all about our love for the dog. Dogs that are currently in foster homes can be brought to Haven for meet & greet sessions by appointment.

We invite you to visit our rescue site!    





At East Cobb's Rescued Too! you can shop with a real com"passion"; proceeds from in store purchases go directly to the care and management of the dogs rescued and nurtured by Mutt Madd-ness Dog Rescue. We invite you to come sniff and dig your way through our unique accessories, vintage and modern furniture, and unusual paraphernalia.




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Canine Influenza Update (PDF)!

Beginning July 1, 2015 we will be requiring the Bordetella Booster every 6 months. If your vet administers the Bordetella injection it must be given a minimum of 7 days prior to services at Haven. If your vet administers the Bordetella intranasal spray, it must be given a minimum of 3 days prior to services at Haven. If your dog exhibits any coughing, they must refrain from attending Haven for at least 14 days after coughing has resolved.

Sleep Overs (Dog Boarding)

  • All dogs older than 6 months must be spayed or neutered.*
    We welcome unaltered puppies who have received their complete round of puppy shots to come and stay with us up until 6 months of age.

  • All dogs must be healthy and current on vaccines for Rabies, Distemper, and
    Bordetella (Kennel Cough) *see above note. Negative Fecal (6 months).

  • If you would like your dog to participate in our day play and they are over 5 months of age they will need to pass our temperament/behavior test ($20). 

Day Play (Dog Daycare)

  • All dogs over 5 months must pass our one-time temperament/behavior test ($20).

  • Be at least 14 weeks of age and have completed their first three puppy series vaccinations.

  • All female dogs older than 6 months must be spayed; male dogs 1 year of age or displaying over zealous behaviors must be neutered.*

  • All dogs must be healthy and current on vaccines for Rabies, Distemper, and
    Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
    *see above note. Negative Fecal (6 months).

  • Well-socialized with other dogs and able to demonstrate appropriate behavior in a
    group setting.

* Elder, medically-challenged and/or other situations may exclude the neuter requirement, please discuss with our Canine Concierge. All females must be spayed.


What is Dog Evaluation?
Group Play is not for every dog and that's OK. At Haven each dog wanting to join our open play needs to be professionally evaluated to ensure its’ safety and compatibility.

The evaluation generally begins by removing all other dogs from the play area. The new dog is then brought in and is allowed to check out the play area. Then, one at a time, other dogs are introduced to the newcomer. The goal of the introduction is to observe how the dog reacts. The first several dogs introduced are usually ones known to be “low-key”, mild-mannered, or submissive dogs. Our trainers watch for warning signals, such as: stiffness, stress, high tail carriage, and ears/body forward - all signs of potential increased aggression. If aggression is observed, it must be very mild (i.e. snapping to send a message, without actual contact). Obviously, for the safety of all, any dog who appears overly aggressive will not be allowed. Once a dog is deemed “safe for play” or is ”accepted” into our program, he/she is free to attend our Play Day any day of the week or as an overnight guest.

Haven reserves the right to refuse admittance to any pet guest for any reason, at any time, who lacks proof of vaccinations, displays signs of untreated or potentially contagious conditions, demonstrates aggressive behavior, or who fails our standard health and temperament policies.

The Environment

Observing high standards allows for a clean, climate-controlled safe environment for your pet, and also helps minimize the spread of common conditions such as Kennel Cough. To further ensure that your pet is in a sanitary environment, we require that all of their vaccination tests are up to date.

We adhere to the latest sanitation protocols for dog care facilities:

  • Advanced ventilation system allows for continuous fresh air exchanges.

  • Dens are cleaned daily and completely sanitized and disinfected between dogs.

  • Play areas and floors are cleaned immediately and sanitized daily.

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  • Toys and towels are sanitized daily.

  • Outside turf is cleaned immediately and disinfected and flushed nightly by a built-in irrigation system.

  • Waste management.


Haven The Dog Spot your East Cobb Dog Boarding, Dog Grooming, Dog Training and Dog Play Spot!
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